When a Podcast Idea becomes a… Trilogy?

During my last year in China an idea for a fictional based podcast came to me. I had the characters, basic idea of a conflict, and the setting all in place. What I didn’t plan for was for the characters and plot to start taking shape in a more story form as the first fewContinue reading “When a Podcast Idea becomes a… Trilogy?”

DMX: Not a “Studio Rapper”

For many of DMX’s loyal fans, his music spoke to the realities of life, both the good and the bad, and had an energy that one fan described as, “electrifying”. At his funeral on April 24th, 2021, DMX was described as “raw”, “authentic”, and “original.” If you couldn’t make it to DMX’s funeral, no worries,Continue reading “DMX: Not a “Studio Rapper””