How a Multicultural Hangout Became a Sustainable Business… In 2 Months.

Article from Phnom Penh Post HERE It was January 31st, 2015, I was 28 years old, and I had spent exactly three years in Cambodia working with small NGOs, start-ups, and private schools. Looking back now, those three years prior to the launch were instrumental to understanding what it would take to set the foundationContinue reading “How a Multicultural Hangout Became a Sustainable Business… In 2 Months.”

Why Shoot Film?… 36, 35, ..shots to go

Why would you shoot with film? Why would you take a train instead of plane? Or take the longer scenic route home from work, when you could take the highway? Why would you cook a meal instead of ordering the same meal online? Or write a letter instead of just hitting the like button. TheContinue reading “Why Shoot Film?… 36, 35, ..shots to go”

When a Podcast Idea becomes a… Trilogy?

During my last year in China an idea for a fictional based podcast came to me. I had the characters, basic idea of a conflict, and the setting all in place. What I didn’t plan for was for the characters and plot to start taking shape in a more story form as the first fewContinue reading “When a Podcast Idea becomes a… Trilogy?”

DMX: Not a “Studio Rapper”

When you are a kid, you may not understand the full context of the songs you choose to listen to. You may not even know why you gravitated towards certain beats, tones, or lyrics. But later on, when we start to experience the ups and downs, the energy and honesty of certain songs stick with us.Continue reading “DMX: Not a “Studio Rapper””