When a Podcast Idea becomes a… Trilogy?

Cover to Tirina Island

During my last year in China an idea for a fictional based podcast came to me. I had the characters, basic idea of a conflict, and the setting all in place. What I didn’t plan for was for the characters and plot to start taking shape in a more story form as the first few episodes were being written. So instead of an ongoing dialogue with a few fictional characters, I decided to shift to actually writing a more organized story.

But don’t get me wrong, I had somewhat of the story arch planned out into a three season style podcast at the beginning. I guess the thing that took hold was just wanting to not wait on getting the podcast setup to allow the characters and story to take shape. In other words, I didn’t have the time or the resources to make it happen, as I was literally preparing to leave China, so, I went with the obvious choice.

The good news is, part one of the story is now in an audiobook format, and I feel quite satisfied with the way the scene has been set up. And with this, the stage is set for parts two and three to unfold beautifully. Will this become a podcast? Honestly, it’s a unknown. A blend of character developments, real-life circumstances, and tomorrow’s weather forecast will be the determinate.

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