Tools for Digital Storytelling

Call me old-school if you’d like, but I still prefer audio to any other form of digital storytelling. I guess I was part of that generation who got to see life before smartphones and even before the explosion of the web. Of course, I see this as a superpower more than a weakness to my storytelling abilities.

Some of the hardware

  • Zoom H6– This is a powerhouse of recorder/interface. The Zoom H-6 does it all if you ask me. From capturing the energy from a festival to interviewing up to 6 people (attachment needed) at a time, it is my primary tool for capturing amazing audio.
  • Audio Technica AT2020 USB– This is ideal for recording directly into the computer for any voice over work on basic tutorials, skype/zoom calls, etc. It’s just all around a solid mic for your work on your computer.
  • Saramonic Wireless Receivers– For a more budget friendly wireless receiver, these do a great job. These are used when combined with video production and active shots. These are not ideal for trying to capture quality audio.
  • Synco D2– This shotgun mic is really versatile, from VO work, to interviews. This does an amazing job at blocking out background noise. I even recorded my first audiobook with this :).
  • Desktop: Legion C730: 32Gb ram packed with a solid graphics card that gets any audio/video (even 360HD) production done without a fuss.
  • Software: Creative Suite
Olympus OM-2n (35mm film)

The Story Comes First

Before you get started with the how’s of production, start with these questions to help shape your workflow:

  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • What are 2 or 3 things you want the audience to remember (the takeaway)?

Have Fun

I know this sounds clichĂ©, but seriously, it’s the small touches that show you are really enjoying your project.

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